Boho Manila

Get to know Us!

Boho Manila is a brand with a purpose woven from the stories of mothers and led by Mai Nadres. Our mission is clear: to illuminate the lives of the "ilaw ng tahanan" – the light of the home. We provide sustainable livelihood to talented mother artisans of their community. Boho Manila is also a partner of Kaisahang Buhay Foundation, a non-profit child and family welfare organization that initiates outreach activities and livelihood.

"Choose Happiness" isn't just a phrase; it's our guiding principle. Through Mai Nadres’s vibrant and expressive designs and creations, we inspire women to embrace joy and assert their individuality every single day.

When you wear Boho Manila, you are not just wearing adornments but an expression of cultural pride, empowerment, and positivity. It is also a reminder that happiness is a choice we can make every day.


What is the inspiration behind Boho Manila?

"Choose happiness" is at the very core of Boho Manila. This statement is deeply rooted in the Filipino spirit of resilience, optimism, and joy even in the face of challenges. All our creations reflect that. We create vibrant pieces that evoke impulses, bringing a wonderful and amazing vibe to those who wear and see them. Our creations are more than just accessories, they’re symbols of strength, creativity of our artisan mothers and the Filipino people.


How did Boho Manila start?

Boho Manila started when an unexpected opportunity happened. Following a decade-long teaching career of Mai, circumstances led to the closure of that chapter in her life. Navigating the complexities of marriage and motherhood brought forth a series of challenges. Instead of resisting the currents of change, Mai chose to embrace them.


Boho Manila emerged from a simple yet profound question: “What is happiness to me? The brand was born as a manifestation of this realization – a celebration of joy, positivity, and the pursuit of happiness.


How do you make your pieces?

Our artisans and their families are our pride and joy. ❤️ Our dedicated artisan mothers enjoy the flexibility of working from home, a change that strengthens both our craftsmanship and family bonds. 🏡💞

This shift reflects our belief that choosing happiness is central to a fulfilling life. Crafting exquisite pieces isn't just about artistry; it's about crafting cherished memories with loved ones. We're convinced that a joyful work environment adds an extra touch of love and authenticity to our creations.

In unity, we create, treasure, and embrace happiness – not merely as a mantra, but as a way of life.💓✨


What makes Boho Manila’s products uniquely Filipino?

Together with our Pinay artisan mothers we create everyday statement pieces that reflect the vibrant festivals and the diverse, rich culture of the Philippines. I draw great inspiration from emotions and stories that have shaped Filipino identity. We incorporate elements that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of Filipino artistry.  

What is your dream for your brand? Where do you see your brand going?


From the founder:

My dream for Boho Manila is to see it blossom into a globally recognized brand that not only showcases the unique beauty of Filipino craftsmanship and culture but also serves as a beacon of positivity and inspiration for individuals all around the world.

As our brand evolves, I aspire to collaborate with artisans, designers, and creators, both locally and internationally, to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

My vision includes Boho Manila becoming a champion of responsible fashion, advocating for fair labor practices, and giving back to the communities that give life to my designs.

Ultimately, my goal is for Boho Manila to continue radiating its unique blend of positivity, cultural appreciation, and creativity, touching the lives of individuals worldwide and leaving a legacy of happiness and inspiration.